The Crown of Rejoicing

The Crown of Rejoicing: For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Is it not even you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at His coming? – 1 Thessalonians 2:19

The Crown of Rejoicing puts King Lord Jesus Christ as the center while receiving Him by receiving the children in need around the globe.

Our Values

A global prayer and praise circle bringing together children of God for prayer, praises, and worship to praise God and help raise funds for children and people in need around the globe and to prepare for the return of King Lord Jesus Christ.


The Crown of Rejoicing Prayer and Worship Praise Circle!

It is for EVERYONE

What Are Some Of The Benefits?

Prayer & Worship, Praise Circle

Join in The Crown of Rejoicing Prayer & Worship, Praise Circle on Zoom! Rejoice Always! – Ph 4:4

Group Preaching & Fellowship

Get Group Support in preaching and sharing the word of God in the Facebook group from fellow pastors and believers!

Community Support

Get Community Support for overcoming challenges within a Loving Community of Like-minded Believers where new lifetime friendships can be made.

Joining together in His Holy presence at the time of His coming.

Member Reviews


A range of testimonials from our happy and fulfilled members across the world.


Sierra Leone

I’m blessed to be a member of The Crown of Rejoicing, it’s always an awesome feeling to fellowship with brethren having the opportunity to share God’s word and learning from others is the best gift anyone should long for, and I’m opportune to get that for Rejoicing it’s a blessing.


Angel Santhosi


I feel Blessed… Pastor Apollos is my good friend.. Supporting our Ministry in India, he is our back bone for the feel and serve Ministry.. The Crown of Rejoicing helps me to encourage my self and others. We pray and praise together.. I am blessed to be a part of The Crown of Rejoicing Community 🙏🏻


Peter Bangura

Sierra Leone

Crown of rejoicing has been a motivation to me in the things of God, praising and worshiping God with the community has been such a blessing and I am happy to be part of the community.


Pastors, Worshippers, and Charity Leaders

A ministry in Christ collaboration:
Pastor Leaders, Worship Leaders, Charity Leaders
Holy Spirit-filled and Grace-personified leaders who join together for the greater purpose of sharing in God’s Word, Praising God, caring for children and people in need, and preparing for the return of King Lord Jesus Christ.

Apollos Martin

Pastor Leader


Worship Leader

Foday James Lumeh

Charity Leader

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Connect with fellow believers from all over the world, share your testimony, join in praise and worship, and help raise funds for children and people in need. Together, we can create a space where God is glorified and his people are strengthened. Join us on this journey of faith!

Our community can help you deepen your relationship with God, find encouragement and support, and grow in your understanding of the Bible.

Stay Updated On

Latest Events

We have regular events and if you have worship events we can list them here too, so others can connect together to share in prayer, praise and worship of our coming King Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, we can help you share your Praise and Worship Programs on our site. Remember, together we share in Prayer, Praises and Worship of God with fellow children of God all over the world.

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  • Where believers gather to praise and grow in faith and care for children in need globally.*


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